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We are an innovative, recognizable company which works in  e-commerce since 2012. Due to lack of modern and user friendly place where players from around the world can sell and/or buy in-game currencies, activation codes, PrePaids and services we decided to fill up the gap and in 2015 we brought to life WHINKERTON.COM in two languages: English and Polish.
Our crew consist of passionate, creative people, who will do their best to provide you service which you deserve.  You can choose here from wide range of activation codes, currencies and services, what is more you can sell your own in-game currency and earn money.
Our store has been created to meet all of your needs, so you can shop in technically advanced, secure environment. You can choose to pay in 4 different currencies: EUR/GBP/PLN/USD via 4 different payment methods: Bitcoin/Skrill/PayPal/WHINKERTON.COM Account Balance and soon we will expand those options!
All of your personal information are subject to special protection through technical (SSL protocol protection) and organizational (access to personal data is restricted only to WHINKERTON.COM selected staff members) measures, our policies are honest and simple.
We introduced exclusive recruit a friend program, which gives you opportunity to get 2% from each transaction (of sale or purchase) made by the person you recruit. This is our way to thank you for joining us and spreading word about our platform.
We always look forward to continuously expand our services to cater the needs and demands of our members and to be ultimately recognized as a global force. It is our hope and faith that we will continue to encourage and support the gaming community to let more people realize the potential income that they can earn while still playing a game they enjoy. Join our community today and create new chapter of e-commerce!
Best regards,